Deafsafe™ range extender :

fire alarm paging for deaf persons


DeafSafe™ Signal Boost Repeater is the Number 1 choice when paging DeafSafe™ fire alarm systems

We developed a solution for deaf persons and fire alarm paging systems because what we saw in the industry was a complete lacking when it came down to having COMPLIANT equipment available.

We utilise the latest digital technology with our paging systems and as a fire alarm solution for deaf people. This range extender when purchased in the housing with special power supply this unit meets BS5839-1:2013. Optionally the range extender can be purchased without the special PSU and case assembly.


This Signal Boost Repeater works with the DeafSafe Integra AND Ultra paging systems for the deaf person. The range can be extended with each repeater for up to two miles in open air; but please bear in mind that range will dramatically reduce once the repeater is used in confined areas, in other words the environment where the repeater is used has a direct bearing on how many repeaters you might need.

How many repeaters do I need?

In recent sites where we have installed repeaters we have found that for an approximate 1/2 square mile coverage, we used four signal boost repeaters, however this can vary dependent on the building that the system is used in. It is a relatively easy thing to check how many repeaters you might need and we're here to help and advise accordingly.


DeafSafe™ Signal Boost Repeaters with DeafSafe Integra or Ultra is compatible with all fire alarm systems and is suitable for:
  •  All public and private buildings
  •  Any premises where Deaf persons either visit or are employed
  •  Where you NEED to comply with deaf person Fire Alarm Paging Standards (BS5839-1:2013)
  •  Removes the need for visual alarm devices to be located in EVERY room


Our DeafSafe™ Range Extending Repeater when installed in our case assembly with our PSU Fire Alarm Paging System is compliant with:
  • BS5839-1:2013
  • EN54-4


DeafSafe™ Range Extender Features:
  • Works with all LRS Pagers in the United Kingdom
  • Two versions available, standard and the alternative installed in a compliant case with a compliant power Supply


DeafSafe™ Repeater Benefits:

  • No configuring required
  • Full UK support
  • Excellent manufacturers warranty


Please contact us today to find out more about our signal boost repeater used for deaf safe systems, fill in our online contact form and a member of our sales team will contact you within 24/72 hours or call us on 01782 53700 and speak to a member of our team