Deaf person fire alarm emergency notification

deafsafe™ helping to keep deaf people safe when theres a fire alarm


Welcome to the LRS UK DeafSafe™ website where you can find out all about our fire alarm safety products specifically aimed at deaf people and the hard of hearing emergency alarm paging for fire-alarm systems while on site. The law here in the UK recently changed regarding hard of hearing and deaf people and fire alarms on-site. Systems have to make deaf and hard of hearing persons on-site be aware of emergencies and fire alarm activations so that they can leave the premises immediately. We have developed two solutions to this problem and both systems include current paging technology as follows:

Deafsafe™ Ultra

Our DeafSafe™ Ultra is a Compliant product supplied with power supply and compliant metal case to BS5839-1:2013 and EN54-4. Can be used on networked fire alarm systems... More about the Ultra

Alphanumeric Pagers

Our alpha pagers can receive messages up to 254 characters and can store importantly the last 25 messages. This is one important way of having a log of fire alarms that have reached the deaf people. Find out more about our alphanumeric pagers

Deafsafe™ Integra

A great new way to include deaf person paging within a current fire alarm system. This unit simply plugs in to the fire alarm box, takes its power from the box and can page a deaf person...More on Integra

Deafsafe™ Repeater

Our DeafSafe™ signal boost repeater is also compliant with BS5839-1:2013 and EN54-4. The power supply and housing that our booster resides in is also compliant. More about deaf safe repeaters

DeafSafe Products

For all sectors where recalling a deaf person can be difficult!

If there is a fire with deaf people on site they will not be able to hear the siren, with deafsafe solutions we offer can integrate into your current fire system and can send a vibration page to deaf person(s) throughout the site notifying them that there is a fire and that they need to leave the building immediately.

With multiple signal boost repeaters the message can be sent all round your building no matter how big it is!

Deaf safe UK is part of Long Range Systems UK the biggest on-site communications supplier with hundreds of customers in healthcare, education, government and many more organizations.

Our on-site fire alarm solution where deafsafe can be integrated into your fire alarm notifies deaf people on the premises that there is a fire alarm and that they need to leave the building immediately...Deaf people are informed of the fire alarm by a pager that will vibe continuously with a custom message up to 255 characters.

It is also possible to use deafsafe when there is an error in the fire alarm system. Simply set up the system so that on a given alarm that a relay is closed and the deafsafe integra or ultra can text message on-site to a pager for an engineer to attend and fix the issue.

Contact us for more information regarding deaf safe systems.