about deafsafe UK


Who is LRS UK?


In 2001 Long Range Systems LLC opened an office right here in Great Britain to supply and support all of the industries we supply; this is the UK office ...


While LRS UK is known for communications paging systems for the hard of hearing throughout industry and retail, we also have developed new markets over time by integrating LRS equipment in to other solutions that from time to time are viable. 

Deafsafe is a trading name of Long Range Systems UK catering to business that find it hard to contact the deaf or hard of hearing people. With deafsafe you are able to notify deaf persons with the new technology LRS are able to integrate into fire alarm systems or any other alarm systems that can send a vibration page and a 250 character message to the deaf person with the pager informing them to leave the building. Its a great way to contact people throughout your building.

The DeafSafe products are a perfect example; we took our transmitter originally developed for OEM clients and integrated that in to a fire alarm solution for deaf people; it's just one of the ways that we develop LRS here in the UK.

LRS UK continues to grow at an exceptional rate of around 25% per annum since 2001 and that success continues to this day because our dedicated staff can listen to customers needs, supply correct products to meet those needs and support those solutions only as a manufacturer could do - direct from our UK offices.

We have as clients a whose who of companies and you would know many of the names of companies that we currently supply in over 40 industries; however we have a policy of not disclosing clients unless the customer has no objection; most of our clients wish to keep their anonymity that way so we respect their wishes accordingly.

For more information on our Deafsafe system and how our deafsafe solutions can help your business then please contact us today!



First coaster pager in the world 1993 ...

In 1993 Long Range Systems (Dallas) invented the first coaster pager. Today that pager is in 40% of restaurants around the world. To find out more about our coaster systems then please visit our site dedicated to LRS Coasters UK!

LRS LLC based in Dallas TX ...

LRS Dallas, our headquarters, is an innovator of wireless paging and other communications products. The company holds over 21 patents worldwide.

Deafsafe developed for the UK ...

Here in the United Kingdom LRS UK developed an additive solution for both non compliant (Integra) and compliant (Ultra) fire alarm systems. Deafsafe solutions are perfect for business where contacting deaf persons can be a difficult task. Deafsafe systems can inform the deaf or hard of hearing that there is an emergency and they need to leave the building.