Deaf person paging fire alarm emergency system


DeafSafe™ is a paging system that can page a deaf person or hard of hearing person when a fire alarm triggers; specifically developed to integrate with both non compliant and compliant fire alarm systems and is a simple to install solution for most applications relating to fire alarm paging.

About Deafsafe™


Our Deafsafe systems are perfect for Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping centers, Schools and more.

Contacting the deaf or hard of hearing with alarms is an impossible task which is why LRS has introduced the DeafSafe integrated fire alarm system to large and small business.


This is a solution you can integrate in to non compliant fire alarms easily so deaf persons can be paged if there is a fire.

One of our DeafSafe solutions can be integrated into fire alarm systems to inform any deaf or hard of hearing people on your premises that there is an emergency and they need to evacuate the building immediately.

Anyone on site that is deaf or has a hearing problem can be handing the Alphanumeric 4 Line pager that will send a vibe and a text page informing them of an emergency.

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Our Ultra solution comes compliant with BS5839-1:2013 and EN54-4. The unit comes complete so it's easy to integrate.

Used on networked fire alarm systems this integrated system can page deaf people immediately if an alarm goes off.






If you need further than around 80m (maximum) you may need range extenders. There are  compliant & non compliant models.

The repeaters are perfect for large buildings where range can be a problem with they can be placed in certain areas of your building to make sure the page is reached from everywhere within your building.





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