Deafsafe™ Integra : fire alarm paging

for deaf persons


We developed a solution for deaf persons and fire alarm paging systems because what we saw in the industry was mismatch of what was available to what the law really was stipulating; often the housings on most systems were plastic (or some other derivative) and simply could not stand up to 30 minutes in fire (as our DeafSafe™ Ultra can).The DeafSafe™ Integra is designed to be installed INSIDE your existing fire alarm control panel and if the panel is already compliant then the Integra will be compliant once installed in the panel.



We utilize the latest digital technology with our paging systems and as a fire alarm solution for deaf people this is probably the best deaf person fire alarm system on the market; but best of all this system meets (and is compliant with) BS5839-1:2013 (when installed in a compliant panel) where other systems may well not be from what we see. We employ technical and development staff in the UK with years of experience in the fire alarm industry who are fully qualified in this area; why bother with other solutions when you can have the best deaf alarm paging system direct from the manufacturer.

For the larger system requirements check out our DeafSafe™ Ultra Deaf Person Fire Alarm Paging System that offers complete compliance with the latest compliance standards re deaf persons on site.



What is DeafSafe™ Integra ?

Deafsafe™ Integra is our lower cost solution to enable deaf persons to be contacted in the case of a fire within your premises by a personal alphanumeric pager(s). The System handles 999 pagers so as far as users are concerned the system is almost limitless. We can also cover very large areas so range is not an issue either. The DeafSafe™ Integra system comprises of a BS5839 PART1 & PART6 compliant transmitting unit and pagers. Our alphanumeric pager specifications are available HERE

When the DeafSafe™ Integra is connected to monitor a fire alarm panel (internally) it can page selected staff as notification of any issues on the panel. And of course our system is warranted by us directly so you can be sure that we can resolve issues quickly when necessary.


DeafSafe™ Integra is useable in all fire alarm systems and is suitable for:

•All public and private buildings
•Any premises where Deaf persons either visit or are employed
•Where you NEED the highest quality of Standards for Deaf Person Fire Alarm paging


Our DeafSafe™ Integra Fire Alarm Paging System is compliant with:
  • BS5839-1:2013
  • EN54-4

depending on the fire alarm systems panel compliance.



  • Powered from FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel)
  • Status indicators for monitored faults
  • Fully enclosed in the alarm panel housing
  • Reprogrammable on site
  • Rechargeable Pager (optional)
  • Fully expandable
  • Unlimited range
  • Vibration and beep alert modes on pager
  • Battery life of pager up to 48 hours (48 hours rechargeable pager)


  • CE Approvals and RoHS compliant components throughout
  • Robust pagers with 'pager protectors' (optional) for the rough and tumble of everyday use
  • 4 inputs on transmitter for multiple uses with auxiliary secondary uses
  • Excellent manufacturers warranty up to 10* years
  • Cost effective solution

*terms apply